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Meet our experienced staff


Jill Hartmann, of Hartmann Learning Center, has attained some of the highest levels of achievement in her field. She has a Master's Degree in the field of Education and over 20 years of experience educating children. We are passionate about what we do.  We know what works and are able to adjust our strategies to meet the individual needs of our students.

Jill A. Hartmann
M.Ed., S.A.I.F.
(Specialist in the Assessment of Intellectual Functioning)
Molly McAlpine

Jill A. Hartmann is an educational evaluator, experienced teacher, and she has been directly involved in the field of education for over 20 years.  As a teacher, she has taught most grade levels from 1st grade through 8th grade and holds multiple certifications.  With her vast teaching experience, she has a wealth of knowledge to draw from to help her students.  

As an educational evaluator, she has had the opportunity to work with children of all ages to help identify their academic strengths and weaknesses.  By recognizing academic strengths and weaknesses, educational experiences can be tailored to promote individual learning.  Making the connection between evaluation results and appropriate educational interventions is one of her priorities.  In her reports, she strives to make results and recommendations useful and accessible to both educators and parents. 

In addition, Jill is currently working on her doctoral dissertation.  She has also presented in the United States and internationally.


Orton-Gillingham and Reading Training:

Jill is trained in Orton-Gillingham and holds an Associate Certification through the Orton-Gillingham Academy.  She had to complete 60 hours of direct instruction in the method and completed 100 hours of supervised tutoring using the OG method.  In addition to her OG training, she has a lot of other training in reading/dyslexia.  She has been trained in and used many programs that have come out of OG, such as LIPS (Lindamood-Bell), Seeing Stars (Lindamood-Bell), and Project READ.   She also does a lot of research and reading about neuroscience and learning. She tends to focus on reading and the brain and visual processing. Southern New Hampshire a wonderful location, with Harvard, MIT, and Children's Hospital right here in Boston.  There are some wonderful people and great research going on currently.  A lot of it is presented at the Learning and the Brain Conference each year in Boston.  Jill does attend this conference on a yearly basis in addition to following the research throughout the rest of the year.


Her Certifications include:

New Hampshire:

Elementary Education (K-8)

Specialist in the Assessment of Intellectual Functioning

General Special Education

Specific Learning Disabilities

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities



Elementary Education (1-6)

Mathematics (5-8)

Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8)

Jill's list of publications and presentations:



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Hartmann, J. (2013, February).  Teachers’ perceptions of school administration leadership practices and teachers’ use of technology in education.  Poster presented at the Doctoral Conference on Leadership & Learning, Rivier University, Nashua, NH.

Molly is an educator from Chester, New Hampshire. She graduated from Hofstra University in Long Island, New York where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Childhood education. Molly holds her teaching certification through the state of New Hampshire and is excited to be back living in her home state full time. Molly also received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Hofstra University and loves to read and write. Molly is an elementary teacher at the Auburn Village School in Auburn, New Hampshire and absolutely loves what she does! Molly loves being a teacher, but when she is not in the classroom she thoroughly enjoys listening to music, singing with friends, or even being on stage doing some theatre!

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