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Supplemental Learning Boxes

Hartmann Learning is excited to announce a brand new branch of learning: Supplemental learning boxes! These boxes are pre-made, ready-to-go supplemental learning materials based on the Science of Reading, and the Orton-Gillingham methodology. Inside, you will find ready made tools specifically designed to help boost your child’s skills in reading, through a wide variety of entertaining games and activities. Based on over two and a half decades of experience in the field of education, we have hand crafted a collection of skills and activities that are guaranteed to engage your learner and sharpen their skills throughout the school year and beyond. Place your order today! 

Learning Box

Our ready made box comes with a wide variety of learning games and activities that will engage your child and boost their learning. The following items are included in the Basic Box: 

  • Tactile learning toys

  • Index card game

  • Word labels

  • Sentences

  • Vowel activities

  • FLOSS rule and games

  • Bingo chips


  • Lexia subscription followed by one of our educators:

    • $200 for a year long subscription

    • Lexia is a fun, computer based program that has helped millions of students develop their reading and comprehension skills.

    • Visit the Lexia website to learn more: Lexia Learning

  • Raz Kids subscription add on: $25 for the year

    • Raz Kids is an award winning program that gives children access to hundreds of entertaining Ebooks to read at 29 different reading levels! RazKids

Purchase Lexia
Purchase RazKids
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