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Parent Comments

We took our daughter Olivia to Hartmann Learning for help with writing and comprehension.  She saw Jill once a week for two years, through 7th and 8th grade.  It was the best experience for us, as parents, to see our daughter smiling every time she came out of a session and walking a bit more confidently each week.

Jill always kept us informed on what was being worked on and what needed to be worked on next.  She was great with recommending a book that would be interesting to read and discuss, as well as what game would be fun while getting the most out of our daughter.

Olivia is thriving due to hard work and the guidance she received from Jill.  We can't thank you enough for caring about the success of our daughter!

Linda and Paul
Proud parents of a Trinity High School Freshman


When my ten-year-old daughter, Kristen, was diagnosed with a learning disability I didn’t know where to turn.  Thankfully, we found the Hartmann Learning Center right in our own backyard.  Jill’s reputation preceded her and she did not disappoint.  She worked tirelessly with Kristen throughout her entire sixth grade year and was the difference between success and failure.  We owe Jill and the Hartmann Learning Center a debt of gratitude.


Jay G.


We were desperate to get help for our son.  We had tried everything and nothing was working.  Finally I got Jill’s name.  We had chatted on the phone and she was very helpful and so nicely squeezed us in for tutoring once a week.  Since we have started OG with Jill we have seen HUGE improvements with our son.  He could not read at all when we first started working with Jill.  He is now reading and able to sound out the tricky letters he couldn’t before.  So much more confident with reading and himself.   

J.C.  Mom



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