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SAT preparation is offered through small classes and on an individual basis.  Please contact us and we can get started!


We can work through the test, or just on one area of difficulty.  Each session is geared to the individual needs of the test taker.  This allows the test taker to get the maximum benefits from the sessions.  


Sessions last for 50-60 minutes. Usually, a package of 6 sessions is recommended to cover the entire test.


New Classes Starting in regularly!

Classes run for 6 weeks.


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SAT Preparation-


The new SAT® began in January of 2016.  Key changes have been made to this important test.  In addition, many districts are replacing the state testing with the SAT®.  This will make the test mandatory for many students that hadn't previously planned on taking the test. 


One of the wonderful benefits of the new test is that the College Board has arranged with Khan Academy to provide on-line support videos.  These are wonderful tools and we have provided a link to them.  Unfortunately, not all kids can learn from watching a video.  They need more support than an on-line tutorial can provide.  That is where we come in.


With the SAT® such an important part of college admissions, it is essential that you are prepared for it.  Learn how to take this kind of a test and what to expect when you do. Course will cover:


  • Effective test taking strategies

  • Review important skills

  • Individualized instruction with limited class size



Course Information:


  • Teachers are highly experienced with a passion for teaching

  • 1 hour sessions, 6 weeks

  • Courses beginning throughout the year.



Space is limited, so please call or email to register today!


SAT Subject Test Preparation -


If your student just needs help in one area, we offer assistance there as well.  They can attend the part of the class that covers that area, or we can arrange for private tutoring just in that area.

College Application Essay Assistance -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

Writing is an essential part of getting into college. Your student wants to highlight his or her unique qualities in order to catch the eye of college administrators. We can help your student translate those highlights into a well-written, quality college essay. 


Extra Sessions -

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis)

If your student needs individual help, we can work with him or her on an individual basis.  This will allow us to target only the specific areas he or she is struggling with.

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