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Educational Philosophy at Hartmann Learning Center 

Instructional Approach

At Hartmann Learning Center we are passionate about education and learning.  We have gone out of our way to learn about the best ways to teach students.  We specialize in multisensory and brain-based instructions and are always looking for innovative ways to reach and teach our students.

Individualized Custom Learning Plans
Different Students Require Different Appoaches to Learning

At Hartmann Learning Center we strive to provide services needed by students to achieve their dreams.  As educators, we are sensitive to the needs of students in the school systems and often see common areas that could use support.  We also see the need for students to be able to participate in fun activities that foster a love for learning. 

Hartmann Learning Center is built on the idea that all children can learn given the right supports.  Individualization in the learning process is key for all students, whether they struggle with concepts or are looking to take their learning to the next level.  Learning should be fun and accessible for all kids.

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