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What is involved?


We recommend at least two Orton-Gillingham tutoring sessions per week on non-consecutive days for the instruction to be effective.  Your child will work with one instructor as he or she moves through the multi-sensory, systematic reading instruction.  Tutoring sessions are 50 minutes long, which allows us to have some time to touch base with you, the parent, on a regular basis.



Initially, your child will be assessed to find out what he or she knows.  A plan will be designed especially for your child based on the assessment results.  Of course, the more information we have regarding your child is helpful.  If you have any previous testing, or teacher input, we would appreciate you sharing it with us.  Sharing this information is completely your decision, but it will help us customize the instruction to the individual needs of your child.



Please contact us today for tutoring, as our space is limited!



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