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Middle School Math Series


Hartmann Learning Center is excited to offer a Middle School Math Workshop Series! All of our workshops are designed with hands-on activities and brain-based learning techniques.  Students can build and/or reinforce their skills through these workshops. This series will include workshops on:
1. Geometry (7/10/18)
      Students will work with geometry concepts such as angles, polygons, and
2. Algebraic Thinking (7/17/18)
     This workshop will focus on sharpening basic algebra concepts, such as solving
     equations, working with variables, and defining the relationship between lines,      graphs, and tables.
3. Number Sense (7/24/18)
      Students will work on strengthening their understanding of abstract math skills
      and tie them to everyday use.  They will work with money concepts,
      measurements, and how numbers relate to each other.
4. Demystifying Word Problems (7/31/18)
      Students will work on breaking apart word problems to solve them.  They will
      also learn the "language" of word problems which will help them identify
      what they need to do.
5. Fractions, Ratios and Decimals(8/7/18)
      In this workshop, students will build their understanding of what a fraction
      represents, how decimals are related, and build their understanding of a
We will host these workshops on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 - 6:30. Each workshop is $45 or, take all of them for $175. We only have space for 12 students in each workshop, so register today!



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