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Hartmann Learning Center is excited to offer you and your child the opportunity to learn in the comfort of your own home. Lexia is an engaging, computer based reading program that allows your child to build their phonics skills and reading confidence all while having fun playing entertaining learning games. Lexia is independent and student led. However, the program also features a management component which allows both parents and instructors to monitor students progress and focus in on areas where students may be struggling. Lexia is an excellent program with a full spectrum of activities that are guaranteed to boost your child's reading, writing and speaking confidence. Sign up with us today! 

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In addition to Lexia, Hartmann Learning Center is also offering a subscription to RazKids. This program gives your child the opportunity to explore and read over 800 digital and interactive online texts at a wide variety of different reading levels. RazKids combines reading with "gamification" making the process fun and exciting for students. RazKids also features short, comprehension based eQuizzes to help check for understanding. This ensures that your child is understanding the text that they are reading but also allows you as the parent to check that your child is learning! The program adjusts accordingly to your child's needs and is an excellent home addition to boost reading and comprehension skills outside of the classroom. Sign up with us today!

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