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Disability, Identity, and Media

I feel so lucky to be in the field of education. I have an opportunity to help so many children and their parents in so many ways. The education I have gained has led to not only to more successful ways to teach the children I work with, but it has led to opportunities to discover and share knowledge with other educators from around the world.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present some of my current research along side my colleagues Dr. Sara Stetson and Dr. Ann Gaffney. We presented our Crowdsourcing Ourselves talk at the CAST's 2nd Annual UDL Symposium at Harvard University Law School. What an amazing experience! I was not only able to present at the oldest and best University in the country, but I was able to share my knowledge about the intersection of disability, identity development, and social media and media with a wider audience. It is an experience I will be forever grateful for!

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