July 8, 2018

In this post I will reveal some hacks that make working with fractions easier and more fun!

Which is greater when denominators vs numerators are the same?:


Quick Tip for Comparing Fractions:


July 8, 2018

Today I am going to write about some study strategies that are helpful when studying mathematics!

Here is my go to strategy list!

  • Make flash cards

  • Do practice problems

  • Teach a friend, sibling or parent

  • Make up mnemonic devices, songs, chants, poems to...

I feel so lucky to be in the field of education. I have an opportunity to help so many children and their parents in so many ways.  The education I have gained has led to not only to more successful ways to teach the children I work with, but it has led to opportunitie...

Functional MRIs have enabled researchers to take a new look at the brain and see what is really happening when the brain completes tasks.  Even though we can only look at relatively simple tasks, such as the reading of a small word, we still are able to see what areas...